L1VM - 3.0.0

I just did release the version 3.0.0 of my L1VM. Here is the ChangeLog starting from this year to now (top):

L1VM (3.0.0)
	NEW: now math expressions can be written like this in Brackets:

	{i = xd + yd}

	The () brackets are not longer needed for this, to work.
	The old way was:

	{i = (xd + yd)}

-- Stefan Pietzonke <jay-t@gmx.net> Thur 1 Feb 2024 21:18  +0100

L1VM (2.9.0)
	Added "return" to compiler. See "prog/return.l1com".

-- Stefan Pietzonke <jay-t@gmx.net> Thur 1 Feb 2024 15:54  +0100

L1VM (2.8.8)
	NEW: Added "tab" to SDL multiline string gadget. With the "tab" key you can insert spaces to "wrap" to the next input line.
	See program "lib/sdl-lib-test.l1com".

-- Stefan Pietzonke <jay-t@gmx.net> Sun 28 Jan 2024 20:05  +0100

L1VM (2.8.7)
        Added SDL GUI module set_gadget_menu, see: "lib/sdl-lib-test-menu.l1com"!
	Added disassembler: in disasm directory.

-- Stefan Pietzonke <jay-t@gmx.net> Wed 24 Jan 2024 19:31  +0100

L1VM (2.8.6)
         The preprocessor now removes empty .md documentation files.
	 The "l1vm-build.sh" script checks now if a "out.md" file exists and copies it if so.

-- Stefan Pietzonke <jay-t@gmx.net> Thu 18 Jan 2024 18:55  +0100

In summary: there is now a “return” command in Brackets, which lets you jump back to the caller easy. And the parser for math expressions does automatically detect if an expression is “infix” or “RPN” (reverse polish notation). I also did release binaries for Windows (via MSYS2) and Linux x86 64.

I do use my L1VM a lot: from generating crossword grid puzzles to sovling math problems, writing GUI programs and do some networking stuff. The L1VM is now very stable and I didn’t find any serious bugs in it for a longer time. Have fun!