L1VM - web server

I did make a update to my L1VM web server (webserver-thread-local.l1com): it now can handle up to 7 connections at the same time. Update: I did add a read/write buffer to the socket send file function. I did run a test bash script that downloads a ca 4 MiB .ZIP file in a loop with different processes. The wget command showed a download speed of:

l1vm.zip          100%[===================>]   3,88M  --.-KB/s    in 0,01s   

2023-11-12 17:36:00 (391 MB/s) - »l1vm.zip saved [4064076/4064076]

I have a 9th generation core i5 in my laptop. So this is pretty fast! The web server tried to keep up with the input queue. And the download script got rejected connections if the web server did already run 7 threads. But the web server never crashed!

If you want to know how the new “thread local data” feature works then you should take a look at the web server source code!