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The Nano VM is open source and has a compiler (N) and an assembler. The N language is a high level language inspired by BASIC, C and others. With N you can write programs to use all the features of the Nano VM.

The VM has a 64 bit core, is register based and strongly typed. But dynamic variables can store more data types.

The range of features goes from file I/O, TCP/IP sockets to own virtual memory management and multithreading. I wrote a GUI demo which renders a Mandelbrot fractal with 8 threads.

You are not limited to the build in functions of the VM. You can write your own libraries to expand it further. So there is no limit. I did write some libraries for the Raspberry Pi for GPIO, I2C and serial port access. And I wrote a special library for my robot to measure object distance by using two webcams (stereo vision).

The source code is on my GitHub repository:

LEARN: your first N program